My GNU/Linux travels so far

I am a GNU/Linux user and I have been for more than 4 years already.

I first found about GNU/Linux in the late 1990s when Bayanihan Linux was giving away free CDs. At first I was astonished that they were giving these away for free, when compared to Windows 3.1 which my parents bought for me at a hefty price. Unfortunately, I was too busy to ever go to their location that I eventually forgot about the whole thing.

My second meeting with GNU/Linux happened just 4 years ago. It started out when my Microsoft Windows XP crashed and needed to re-install it. I was very concerned as it may just crash again due to viruses, etc. and that’s where I remembered to look up Bayanihan again. I read more about how it was a distro based (on then) Mandrake. I decided to try out Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex. To say that I was surprised that worked right out of the box (or Disc) was an understatement. It had nearly everything I needed to run a computer. Although I still dual-booted at the time because I was heavily into MMORPGs.

Then the Windows XP crashed again and I just had had enough of it that I decided to go full-time Ubuntu. I was still able to play my games and everything else, but I wanted to learn more about the philosophy behind GNU/Linux–and that’s where I discovered Free Software. With the problems that Karmic Koala was giving me I decided to replace it with Trisquel.

So far I have been enjoying using the distro while I’m slowly transitioning my kids into using Free Software. I hope that in the future, I’ll find a way to study more about developing free software.


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