Monthly Archives: January 2012

You know what’s important to you when ….

Nothing like something bad happening that makes you realize what’s really important to you.

Almost got robbed the other day.

I was riding the commute to work at around 5 AM, when our jeep was stopped by two men. One of them wielding a revolver and the other was blocking the exit of the vehicle. The one with the gun asked us not to look up and was about to rob everyone, when they stopped and decided to take the jeepney driver’s earnings for that morning. There was another jeep coming on the same road and they hid.

Although nothing was taken away from me, the first thing on my mind was, “How do I take the SIM card off my phone without them seeing?” It wasn’t losing the money or anything else that mattered for me. It was the information on my phone; my friend’s mobile numbers, my wife’s texts, and other government-mandated information that the robbers may use or sell.

I need to take those government data off my phone and make sure I have a copy of all the numbers on my address book.


Program or be programmed

If you don’t know what the software you’re using is for, then you’re not using it–but being used by it.

Okay I’m convinced, it’s time to learn more about programming.

My GNU/Linux travels so far

I am a GNU/Linux user and I have been for more than 4 years already.

I first found about GNU/Linux in the late 1990s when Bayanihan Linux was giving away free CDs. At first I was astonished that they were giving these away for free, when compared to Windows 3.1 which my parents bought for me at a hefty price. Unfortunately, I was too busy to ever go to their location that I eventually forgot about the whole thing.

My second meeting with GNU/Linux happened just 4 years ago. It started out when my Microsoft Windows XP crashed and needed to re-install it. I was very concerned as it may just crash again due to viruses, etc. and that’s where I remembered to look up Bayanihan again. I read more about how it was a distro based (on then) Mandrake. I decided to try out Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex. To say that I was surprised that worked right out of the box (or Disc) was an understatement. It had nearly everything I needed to run a computer. Although I still dual-booted at the time because I was heavily into MMORPGs.

Then the Windows XP crashed again and I just had had enough of it that I decided to go full-time Ubuntu. I was still able to play my games and everything else, but I wanted to learn more about the philosophy behind GNU/Linux–and that’s where I discovered Free Software. With the problems that Karmic Koala was giving me I decided to replace it with Trisquel.

So far I have been enjoying using the distro while I’m slowly transitioning my kids into using Free Software. I hope that in the future, I’ll find a way to study more about developing free software.