Monthly Archives: November 2011

The cost of freedom

I’ve been mulling it all week already: should I have my own blog, email, xmpp, and microblog instance?

Seeing that my old Statusnet personal site was taken down without my knowledge, made me realize that depending on other people/corporations for my online information would not be the right way to go. For example, right now I depend on Automattic, Hushmail, Twitter, and for most of my online duties and info. Any of those companies can do whatever they want with my information: delete it, sell it, etc. I feel helpless.

On the other hand, setting up my own site seems to be an expensive and technical challenge. I’m not really sure if I can maintain it both financially and technically as I have very little of those. Although an online friend told me that he’d help me, I’m still looking at this like it was an icewall in Winterfell.

Maybe I’ll revisit this once I get a pay raise soon.


Why I like wearing cheap clothes

I won’t be carrying/wearing anything worth more than 1,000 PHP ($22) on me when I go out of the house. Anything above that would make me feel uneasy when in public places. It’s a wonder for me how many people would safeguard their pricey things and clothes because they’re expensive. Some of them would avoid having their jackets get wet in the rain because it’s expensive–but what is it for then?

Others might say that quality items are expensive, but to that I say, living a happy life is quality in itself and I don’t need expensive things to be happy. As long as it secures me from the extremes of nature, I’m fine!

The great thing about cheap items is that they can easily be replaced, it’s sold almost anywhere, and one wouldn’t feel so bad if it ever gets damaged.