No smartphones for me

I asked myself why I needed a smartphone in the first place. I already have my old non-smartphone (an Alcatel e101) with me and I’ve been able to function with or without it. It’s a handy tool when contacting my friends and family when they’re/I’m out, it’s a nice alarm clock, and calculator.

Although it would be beneficial to have a smartphone, I don’t see it as an essential tool for me. I can lose it and still be able to contact anyone in the phonebook via IM, eMail, landline, or face-to-face. I might not be able to take photos with it but I can bring my digicam with me if need be (plus it takes pictures way better than any smartphone). No need for a music player in my phone since I stopped listening to music while walking after I nearly got into an accident. Reading books while in transit makes me dizzy so no need for a mobile eBook reader. Playing games on my computer is still better than straining my eyes on a smartphone’s tiny screen. Following someone’s social network is better (and cheaper) on the computer.

Some might think I’m just an old curmudgeon wishing for days past and that’s alright. I’m sticking to my old phone until it breaks.


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