On using psuedonyms

Being anonymous is important to me.

Imagine if Batman admitted he was Bruce Wayne, what would happen to his loved ones? Will his business be suddenly attacked as well? Are people still willing to do business with an admitted vigilante? Probably some would, but most would suddenly change the way they act around him. There’s a reason why Batman wears a mask and uses a secret identity to live a normal life.

This is the same with people on the internet. People may act like “Fuckwads” when they’re anonymous, but that’s not true with everyone. Some people even become more open and willing to discuss when using pseudonyms. Most of them prefer to act behind another identity because of fears of being attacked openly or in public by the government or other sources.

If a service denies people the right to use pseudonyms then I won’t be a part of it. I won’t play that game.


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