Why you should take breaks

Music is the silence between the notes. –Claude Debussy

Taking breaks is something I don’t normally do at work. I would like to do as much work as I can to ensure that I get good stats and somehow please my manager. However, I’ve noticed that towards the end of my shift, I would suddenly just lose focus and become irritable. At the end of my shift I am totally exhausted and disappointed at the last few calls I was able to handle.

What did I learn here? Take breaks, refresh. It won’t make me look lazy if I take it. It’s more of an investment in my body and mind to ensure that I work properly and with enough energy for the next few hours.

This can also be applied to life. Taking sabbaticals from whatever it is that you’re passionate about can make you even more passionate about it when you come back to it after some time. There’s truth in the saying that, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

I’m taking a sabbatical from doing this now and will return to do it when I feel it’s the right time.


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