This is what makes you and I different and the same

When I write something, it feels like I’m putting a part of me in front of myself. Not necessarily just thoughts and feelings, but the way I talk and read at times. Is it too much or much too little? Am I writing the “right” way or getting off tangent? Do I need to take my reader in consideration or do I just write without them in mind? There will be always writers on opposite extremes of the band that will tell you that they’re right and you’re not. Should I stay in the middle and let it all flow?

Nevertheless, this blog will be what I need it to be at the time I am writing it. Will I end up as a cat blog? Probably. Will my readers be confused as to the subjects that haphazardly come up from time to time? Yeah, maybe. In the end, we’re all a mix of ideas anyway. There’s no “one-sided” person in the world. Everyone’s got their own opinions on a lot of things. And in the end, this is what makes you and I different and the same.


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